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A graduate of the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC film school Paul Rosenberg subsequently spent ten years as senior executive for five of the most legendary and prolific producers in Hollywood history before going out on his own and becoming an award winning film and multi-media producer in his own right.

Daily Variety - Paul RosenbergUpon graduation from USC, Paul was recruited by Scott Rudin where he served as the Associate Producer on the THE ADDAMS FAMILY.  Paul then went to work for Ray Stark as Vice President of Development where he set up projects with Howard Stern and director Tom Shadyac.   This position led to Paul becoming Vice President of Production at Imagine Entertainment where he worked under Brian Grazer, and played a significant role in the development of APOLLO 13 and THE NUTTY PROFESSOR.   After his success at Imagine, Paul was recruited by Harvey and Bob Weinstein specifically to help launch Dimension Films.  Two of that Dimension’s most profitable franchises, SCREAM and SCARY MOVIE, were acquired and put into production during Paul’s time there.

After two years as Senior Vice President at Dimension, Paul left and started his own production company, Saratoga Entertainment.   Within six months Paul put the critically-acclaimed indie feature GO into production, which was later acquired and released by Columbia Pictures.  GO was written by John August (CHARLIE’S ANGELS, BIG FISH), directed by Doug Liman (SWINGERS, THE BOURNE IDENTITY) and featured a talented ensemble cast including Katie Holmes in one of her first roles.  With the momentum generated by GO, Paul set up numerous film projects at the major studios was named one of Variety’s Top 10 Producers to Watch.  Paul went on to launch several successful multimedia companies including CRAPTV which specialized in ground breaking music videos, reality tv series, and live performance events for Comedy Central and other outlets.  Paul also co-founded

RISKTAKER Paul Rosenberg - Producer

RISKTAKER Paul Rosenberg – Producer

Collision Entertainment which produced MAX PAYNE, and Carbon6 videogames who produced the SPY KIDS videogame with cult game designer American Mcgee, the creator of EA’s ALICE game franchise.  In recent years Paul has focused most of his time, talent and rescources on creating his groundbreaking documentary series GEMATRIA!!, and sharing his vision for a SOUL first future.

Paul’s road to the entertainment business was impressive and exemplifies his diverse talents and commitment to excellence in all he pursues.  At 17,Paul was named one of the youngest members of The United States Freestyle Ski Team and spent the next four years competing on the World Cup Tour where he finished 8th place overall internationally.  After hanging up his boards, Paul attended U.C. Berkeley where he earned a near 4.0 GPA and graduated summa cum laude with phi beta kappa and other honors.   Upon graduation, Paul was recruited by Goldman Sachs on Wall Street.  During his time in Manhattan Paul became captivated by the arts and subsequently turned down Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton business schools in order to relocate to Los Angeles and pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


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