Although the concept of goSOULfirst may seem morally obvious, it is actually based on proven mathematical and scientific principles and a revolutionary new theory over a decade long in the making that reveals the final missing answers about the common design of humanity, God and the Universe.

Gematria Dimensions PieFor the past 10 years Paul has devoted his time, resources and boundless energy into developing his vision for a SOUL first future by creating, testing and now sharing a new higher conscious geometric multi-dimensional language.  He calls it GEMATRIA!!.

Collectively, human consciousness is like one big multiplex theater playing a finite set of biblical tales all starting at different times and places. The key to cracking the code of the nature of humanity, God and the Universe is to discover the filter that unifies everything and syncs all three together.  The award winning producer is confident he’s come up with that elusive missing filter, the original proto-language of mankind.

GEMATRIA!! is its own highly advanced language that can keep pace with the top speed and complexity of our total consciousness.  It’s basically a human computer language, everything has a positive, negative or spiritual charge to it, (+,-,o respectively).  Once you determine which charge, and which dimension, you can begin to function and process information at close to light speed.  On every level GEMATRIA!! addresses exactly what the 2012 prophecy and phenomenon is all about.  An awakening of our true spiritual essence and divine destiny.

Our planet, and our species are currently existing in a superficial MIND first existence which is what causes most of the chaos, corruption and chronic anxiety in the world.

Our MINDs are meant to be used as a grounding function.  Thinking is not actually necessary, as it’s our SOULs that give us certainty and are meant to be the CPU’s of our divine super human computer operating system.  In the same way that the languages and principles of math, physics, and science have all been universally agreed upon throughout modern societies, the fundamental language and principles of spirituality must now also be uniformly constructed and accepted for us to evolve to the next enlightened phase of human evolution.

Gematria PosterAlthough we are confident GEMATRIA!! will someday be the one language and guiding principle of humanity, no one can predict how long that will take.  When it finally happens it will be the 100th monkey effect times a billion.  Suddenly reach a tipping point and circling the globe in an instant.  Starting over won’t be without its challenges, but we can do it, and once we do our children and grandchildren will truly exist in heaven on earth.

Tirelessly doing everything in his power to speed the process along, Paul has recently finished the 4th installment in his documentary series, and is about to release his first book, GEMATRIA!!  Volume 1 – The Missing Answers.  At his last film screening Paul announced the launch of the GEMATRIA!! Course Series with classes initially be offered in Sedona, Los Angeles and online.

Paul’s ultimate vision is to build GEMATRIA!! learning centers globally, where people of all races and nationalities will be welcomed and educated about becoming fully enlightened beings and living a SOUL first existence in every aspect of their lives.

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The SOULographic Principle – 4 Minute Video 

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Our 15 Minute Video – It’s Time to Fly!

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